What is my Gold Worth?

March 6, 2013

What is my gold worth?  Where can I sell my coins? What can I do with broken gold pieces?

How much can I get for this used jewelry?

Are these questions you have asked yourself at some point?

If you have some scrap gold or used jewelry and don’t know what your gold is worth, simply get it tested and weighed by a gold buying professional or an appraiser. While the appraisals come at a set fee, an inspection to see if your jewelry is made of gold, platinum or silver is FREE!

The gold dealer will identify the karat (gold content) weight and how much of each type of precious metal you have. If you want to keep your precious stones in your ring or pendant, no problem. Most jewelers will return those loose stones to you at no cost. Most gold buyers also buy diamonds, gold coins and dental gold.

Do your research as to where you want to sell your gold by checking out the reviews, BBB site, confirm they have an active license for this trade, and calling to get their daily gold rates. A reputable scrap gold buying professional will always separate your silver or gold jewelry in separate piles, pay you based on each pile’s total weight, and request a copy of your ID (to assist the police in tracking stolen or missing jewelry).

You can shop around gold buyers or pawn shops to see who pays the most. To get an idea of the daily market value, check out www.kitco.com (see chart below) and come prepared knowing that other gold buyers will keep 15-50% as their profit margin, but our Sterling locations keep only 10% as a profit margin which is the lowest you will find in the DC Metropolitan area. Va Gold Buyers is the way you can make the most cash for your gold.

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