Selling Gold at Virginia Gold Buyers

November 14, 2014

There are plenty of places to sell your gold in Northern Virginia, from pawn shops to private buyers to jewelry stores, but many have shady practices where they give you low estimates or even don’t properly test your gold. This means less money and unfairness to YOU!

VA Gold Buyers prides itself on three principles: respect, transparency and consistency.

Respect is pretty straight forward, we treat all clients with a smile and are eager to answer any and all of your questions. You can reach us by phone or in person, and we will do our best to explain the process and give you today’s gold and silver rates. Truth of the matter is, we precious metals dealers know EXACTLY what we are getting for the gold we have to send to the refinery, so every one of us at VA Gold Buyers will answer our customer’s questions with upfront and clear answers, including what percentage we are willing to pay.

Transparency is key in our business.We have a standardized pricing method that never changes, regardless of quantity. We offer transparent pricing over the phone or in person at our office, but to get your cash, you must come in with a valid ID and your jewelry to the store.

Consistency: Our margin is always 10%, so you will receive 90% of the value based on the gold content. All pricing is based on the market spot value that day.

What else can you expect from us?

We provide a fair estimate at no cost to you.

You are not locked in to sell us your gold, silver or platinum. We give free estimates and you can then decide whether you want to sell, take a loan out on your gold, or simply keep it. We have found that we actually pay 20-50% more than our competitors which means MORE cash for you!

You can all us for the today’s pricing or for quotes.

If you already know the type of precious metal, the weight and karat, we can give you a quote over the phone before you to come our store location.  Do note that pricing changes everyday based on the market, but we pride ourselves in being transparent and giving you the best quote in the DMV area.

We will give you instant quotes.

Everyday the market changes and so does the gold rate, but our margin stays the same, so our prices are based on the gold market value for that day. This is the only reason you will note why we have different pricing on different days but you can follow and decide when selling or getting a loan on your jewelry works for you. Feel free to check it for yourself on

We have outstanding customer service.

We work with clients from all walks of life and from different backgrounds and cultures, so each transaction is handled with care, respect and privacy. We take pride in our service and our clients come first. We also have staff that speak multiple languages so Farsi and Spanish native speakers can communicate with more ease if need be.



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