How to Make Instant Cash Legally

March 7, 2013

Let’s cut to the chase and see a few quick and legal ways to make instant cash and earn extra money.

1.    Look for scrap gold, silver and platinum in your jewelry box

Scrap gold means any single earrings, broken chains, charms or pendants that may or may not have some stones missing. If you have jewelry that you don’t wear anymore or don’t want anymore, bring these in to VA Gold Buyers or Velasquez Jewelers and we will test and weigh them and give you instant cash for them!

2.    Get your silver out

Anything stamped “.999” is silver and many household items are made of silver such as silverware, baby spoons, candelabras and cups. You can bring these in to VA Gold Buyers or Velasquez Jewelers and we will test and weigh them and give you cash on the spot for them!

3.    Dental gold

Yes, even old gold fillings that you don’t need anymore can be turned into instant cash. Many dentists looking to sell gold can use their stash of dental gold as a way to earn extra cash. Please note this means the dental gold NOT in your mouth at the time of the sale.

4.    Coins

If you are a coin collector, you probably have an idea of the worth of your gold coin, but even if you are not an expert, VA Gold Buyers has an on-site coin specialist who can give you an accurate idea of the value of the coin you may want to sell. The prices range by the age, the make, the condition of the coin, and its rarity. You can also sell silver and platinum coins at VA Gold Buyers or Velasquez Jewelers.

5.    Get out in nature 

Get on some gold hunting forums and find out if your neighborhood stream or river might have some gold running through it. While pan-handling might seem like a trade of the past, many current gold hunters are finding gold in their neighborhood and you can bring it in no matter how small the nugget and get paid instantly. It’s fun and a lucrative past-time. You may need a permit to dig if it’s not in your back yard, but this is a good way to stay fit and make money. If you’re at the beach, bring a metal detector. You never know, you might get lucky and find some lost gold or silver jewelry to profit from.

6.    Cash Loans Against Gold, Platinum or Silver

Collateral Loans is another way to get instant cash. A collateral loan is a loan where you put your jewelry as collateral for an instant cash loan (personal loan) at a set interest rate. VA Gold Buyers and Velasquez Jewelers loan cash to clients who may not want to sell their jewelry but instead want to get extra cash immediately without the sale. In other words, get a “cash-for-gold” loan for a 5% monthly interest rate. That beats most title loan rates and timely bank loans. It’s a fast and secure way to get a personal loan on your jewelry. Find out how to get a loan against your gold at our stores.

Not sure if it’s gold or real silver?

No Problem! A professional at VA Gold Buyers or Velasquez Jewelers will always test your jewelry free of charge.

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